Free Online Course on “Document Processing and Organisation” at Swayam Website : Last Date 31/03/19

Created by: Jaideep Sharma
Indira Gandhi National Open University
Start Date: 01/03/2019
End Date: 30/04/2019
Enrollment End Date: 31/03/2019
Course Language: English
Course Type: Scheduled
Video transcripts: English
Course Category: Library and Information Science
Learning Path: Certificate
Course Length 120 Hours
Weekly time commitments 15 Hours
Course Completion Yes, after passing a….
Exam Date To be announced
Credits 4

The course covers various aspects related to processing and organizing documents in a library. It is divided into three parts, viz. Classification, Cataloguing and Filing and Shelving. The part on classification introduces the learner to the concept, need and purpose of classification. It also discusses the steps to assigning class numbers to documents. DDC is a widely used scheme of classification. The course explains in detail the structure of the scheme and its application. Starting with the concept of cataloguing, objectives, purpose and functions of cataloguing, the course describes the process of cataloguing. There is a discussion on the forms of a library catalogue and kinds of entries. AACR- 2R , one of the most used cataloguing code is explained in detail including a discussion on its structure and cataloguing og different kinds of documents. Once the books have been classified and catalogued, they need to be filed. There is a discussion on the rules for filing (ALA and CCC). Maintenance of processed books is discussed under shelving and shelf rectification. Principles and different systems of stacking have been presented with suitable illustrations
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