Inspirational List of Book for Reading


SL. No Name of the Book Author Publisher Place Year Price
1 Positive Today Rakesh K. Mittal Kabir Peace Mission 2004 30/-
2 Positive Learning From Life Rakesh K. Mittal Kabir Peace Mission 100/-
3 Success Is Never Ending, Failure Is Never Final Robert H. Schuller Orient Paperbacks 130/-
4 Living with Honour Shiv  Khera Macmillan Delhi
5 You Can Win Shiv  Khera Macmillan Delhi 2010 365/-
6 Positive Mind Therapy Rakesh K. Mittal A Sterling Paperback New Delhi 2006 150/-
7 What happens to Good people when bad things happen Robert A. Schuller Orient Perbacks Delhi 2012 140
8 Personality Development Swami Vivekananda Advaita Ashrama Utarakhand 2014
9 There is nothing you cannot be, do or have Russ Michael Good Times Books Pvt. Ltd New Delhi 2010 200
10 The Magic of Thinking Big David J. Schwartz Pocket Books UK 1979 180
11 How to develop a powerful and positive personality Venkata Iyer A Sterling Paperback New Delhi 2007 95
12 Think positive and things go right Rakesh K. Mittal A Sterling Paperback New Delhi 2009 90
13 Discover your hidden talents Bill Lucas Network Educational Press Stafford 2005 395
14 Freedom is not free Shiv Khera Macmillan Delhi 2004 295
15 The art of positive thinking Arvind Narayan Ocean Books Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi 2011 200
16 Secrets Of Happiness Tanushre Podder Pustak Mahal New Delhi 2013
17 Stop not till the goal is reached Sanjeev kumar tiwari
18 Journey into a fulfilling life
19 Create your own success story live life king -size
20 Ever positive Er.. M.K Gupta
21 Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do! Dr. Robert H. Schuller’s  RHUS

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