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Sl. No. Abbreviation Full Form
APINESS Asia Pacific Information Network in Social Sciences
URL Uniform Resource Locater
HTML Hyper Text Markup Language
HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
DEVSIS Defence Science Information System
RECON Remote Console
MIF MARC International Format
MNP Microcom Networking Protocol
OCLC Ohio College Library Centre/ On-line Computer Centre
NCSA National Centre for Supercomputing Application
NATIS National Information System
OPAC On-line Public Access Catalogue
ISBD International Standard for Bibliographical Description
SOUL Software for Universities Libraries
ENVIS Environmental Information System
ADONIS Article Delivery Over Network Information System
ISDS International Serial Data System
PIS Patent Information System
ERNET Education and Research Network
CALIBNET Calcutta Library Network
INFLIBNET Information and Library Network
NICNET National Informatics Centre- Network
UUNET University User Network
UTLAS University of Toronto Library Automation System
MALIBNET Madras Library Network
DBA Data Base Administrator
EDP Electronic Data Processing
DIAS Direct Internet Access System
PRI Primary Rate Interface
DIAS Direct Internet Access System
CD- DOD Compact Disc- Digital Optical Disc
NCST National Centre for Software Technology
BRI Basic Rate Interface
CD-ROM Compact Disc- Read Only Memory
RDBMS Rational Data Base Management System
DELNET Developing Library Network
CMC Computer Maintenance Cooperation
BLAISE British Library Automated Information Service
ESS Electronic Spread Sheet
DDE Dynamic Data Exchange
EWP Electronic Word Processing
MODEM Modulator- de – Modulator
COBOL Common Business Oriented Language
ALGOL ALG Orienthmic Language
FORTRAN Formula Translation
WILSYS Wipro Library System
RLIN Research Libraries & Information Network
SIRNET Scientific Information Retrieval Network
IRC Internet Relay Chat
PDL Page Description Language
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol
TLMS Total Library Management System
LOCAS Local Catalogue Service
ADRS Automatic Document Request Service
MEDLARS Medical Literature Analysis & Retrieval System
CPM Critical Path Method
PERT Programme Evaluation Review Technique
PCS Project Control System
UNIMARC Universal Machine Readable Catalogue
NASSCOM National Association of Software & Service Companies
ADINET Ahmadabad Library Network
UTP Unshielded Twisted Pair
STP Shielded Twisted Pair
FRESS File Retrieval & Editing System
SRC Subject Reference Code
JANET Joint Academic Network
MAN Metropolitan Area Network
DELMS Defence Library Management System
ARPANET Advance Research Project Agency – Network
WYSIWYS What You See is What You Get
ComSet Communication Satellite
AGLINET Agricultural Libraries Network
CARIS Current Agricultural Research Information System
BLCMP Birmingham Libraries Co-operation Mechanization Project
EBCDIC Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
STAIRS Storage & Information Retrieval System
UNIVAC Universal Automatic Computer
AT & T American Telephone & Telegraph
TDCC Training and Development Communication Channel Network
CEMCA Commonwealth Educational Media Centre For Asia
EMPC Electronic Media Production Centre
OLS Open Learning System
EDSAC Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator
EMCM Electro Mechanical Calculating Machine
KIPS Knowledge Information Processing Systems
EPROM Erasable Programmable Read only Memory
NAN Neighborhood Area Network
DOI Digital Object Identifier
CRDB Computer Readable Data Base
WILL Wireless in Local Loop
CLIC Computerised Library & Information Centre
AARNET Australian Academic Research Network
XML eXtensible Markup Language
PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network
SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language
PSPDN Pocket Switching Public Data Network
RFID Radio Frequency Identification
COM Computer Output Microform
RAM Random Access Memory
DBMS Data Based Management System
LAN Local Area Network
SENDOC Small scale Enterprise Documentation Centre
INSDOC Indian National Scientific Documentation Centre
INIS International Nuclear Information System
IAEA International Atomic Energy Academy
AGRIS Information system on Agricultural sciences & Technology
MEDLARS Medical Literature Analysis & Retrieval System
INSPEC Information Service for the Physics & Engineering Community
WAIS Wide Area Information System
FTP File Transfer Protocol
NICFST National information centre for Food Science & Technology
E-mail Electronic Mail
SDI Selective Dissemination of Information
INB Indian National Bibliography
LISA Library & Information Science Abstract
BNB British National Bibliography
CAB Commonwealth Agricultural Bureau
UBC Universal Bibliographical Control
NISSAT National Information System for Science & Technology
NISCAIR National Institute of Science Communication & Information Resources
ALU Arithmetical Logic Unit
ASCII American Standard code for Information Interchange
BASIC Beginners All purposes Symbolic Instruction code
ICT Information & Communication Technology
PDN Public Data Network
OSI Open System Interconnection
ASLIB Association for Special Libraries & Information Bureux
FID International Federation for Information & Documentation
JOCLAI Joint Council of Library Association of India
COMLA Commonwealth Library Association
IFLA International Federation of Library Association
ABGILA Annuals, Bulletin Granthalaya of ILA
GLA  Guwahati Library Association
RLA Roorkee Library Association
NLM National Library of Medicine
TEST Thesaurus of Engineering & Scientific Test
RRRLF Raja Rammohan Rai Library Foundation
BSO Broad System of Ordering
PAIS Public Affairs Information Service Bulletin
GOC Good Offices Committee
ILA Indian Library Association
GILA Government of India Libraries Association
APALA Asian Pacific American Libraries Association
UPLA Uttar Pradesh Library Assocation
NICTAS National Information Centre for Textiles & Allied Subjects
LIBER European Research Libraries
SIS Society for Information Science
CEMCA Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for the Asia
ILL Inter Library Loan
CAP Centralised Acquisition of Periodicals
CIP Cataloguing in Publication
IATLIS Indian Association of Teachers of Library & Information Science
ASLIB Association of Special Libraries & Information Bureax
IASLIC Indian Association of Special Libraries & Information Centres
UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organisation
 ALA American Library Association
APUPA Alien Penumbral Umbral Penumbral Alien
P.E.R.T. Program Evaluation Review Technique
CP.M. Critical Path Method
P.E.P. Program Evaluation Procedure
M.A.P. Manpower Allocation Resource
G.E.R.T Graphical Evaluation Review Technique
GIF Graphic Image Files
JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group
TGA Targa File Format
TIFF Tagged Image File Format
BMP Bitmap Image
AVI Audio/Video Interleaved
MOV Movie
MPEG Moving Picture Experts Group
AIF Audio Interchange File Format
MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface
ASP Active Server Pages
JSP Java Server Pages
SWOT Strengths Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
SITE Small Industries Extension Training
UNISIST United Nations Information System In Science & Technology
INPAT Indian Patent
NACID NASSDOC Centre for International Data
BLDSC British Library Document Supply Centre
FAO Food and Agriculture Organisation
CAPS Contents, Abstract And Photocopy Service


ENVIS Environment Information System
DEVSIS Development Science Information System

Unstructured Information Management Architecture

MIR Music Information Retrieval
METS Metadata Encoding Transmission Standard
LDA Latent Dirichlet Allocation
HSM Hierarchical Storage Mechanism
SAN Storage Area Network
FEDORA Flexible Extensible Digital Object Repository Architecture
PANDORA Preserving & Accessing Networked Documentary Resources of Australia (2001)
OAI-PMH Open Access Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting
SUSHI Standardized Usage Harvesting Initiative
COUNTER Counting Online Usage of Networked Electronic Resource (March 2002)
CFG Context Free Grammar (Dev. By Noam Chomsky)
NLP Natural Language Processing
VOKAL Vermont Organization of Koha Automated Libraries
VERONICA Very Easy Rodent Oriented Netwide Index To Computerized Archives
GMD  General Material Designation
SMCR Sender-Message-Channel-Receiver


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  1. Ohio College Library Center, then became the Online Computer Library Center as it expanded. In 2017, the name was formally changed to OCLC

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