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Created by: V. V. Subrahmanyam
Indira Gandhi National Open University
Start Date: 01/03/2019
End Date: 30/04/2019
Enrollment End Date: 31/03/2019
Course Language: English
Course Type: Scheduled
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Course Category: Library and Information Science
Learning Path: Certificate
Course Length 120 Hours
Weekly time commitments 12 Hours
Course Completion: Yes, after passing a….
Exam Date: To be announced
Credits 4
About the course
Learning path / Category :CERTIFICATE | Library & Information Sciences, Databases, CDS/ISIS, WINISIS, emerging trends in library databases

This course introduces you to the concepts of Database, Content Organisation and some emerging trends.

In any Information Storage ad Retrieval System (ISAR), databases occupy the central position. Creation of efficient databases leads to successful retrieval of information contained in that database. A database is an organized collection of related data. In modern library environment, electronic databases are used to support a wide-range of information management operations and services. Knowledge in database concepts and applications becomes essential for the success of information professionals in present society.

This course provides instruction on the database concepts, elements of DBMS, Database models, fundamentals of database design, database implementation with a focus on library and information science practice, use of WINISIS, MySQL and some emerging trends. Related and current database management technologies will be used to illustrate the hands-on experiences.

Objectives of the Course
By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the Database concepts, elements of DBMS and Database Models
  • Review and articulate database functions and data modeling in LIS environment
  • Describe various File Organisation Techniques and Search Strategies
  • Understand the Relational Model and able to create conceptual design diagrams using Entity
  • Relationship Modeling
  • Identify the concerns of Indexing
  • Use Structured Query Language to retrieve and manage information
  • Work with MySQL – RDBMS, executing all of its SQL commands
  • Identify basic concerns regarding Database Recovery, Transaction Management, Concurrency control and Deadlocks.
  • Access and use WINISIS
  • Understand the emerging trends namely Open Access Database Services, Text Retrieval Engines, Multilingual Text Retrieval, Data Mashup and Linked Open Data for Libraries.

Course Duration: 8 weeks
Target Audience: Library and Information Science Professionals, Students and Faculty

Eligibility for Enrolment: Passed 10 + 2 with Library & Information Science qualification at least at Certificate level.

Course Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge of Library functions and services.

Learning Outcomes: After going through this course the learner will get a thorough understanding of Use of Databases in libraries, Types of databases and Data Models, RDBMS, MySQL commands, Database Recovery, Transaction Management, Concurrency Control, Deadlocks, CDS/ISIS, WINISIS package and some emerging trends.

Subject Matter Experts:
1) Dr. V.V. Subrahmanyam
School of Computer & Information Sciences
Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
New Delhi

2) Prof. Parthasarathi Mukhopadhyay
Dept. of Library & Information Science
University of Kalyani

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