Doctoral Students to ALISE Grant

Doctoral Students to ALISE Grant

The ALISE Board of Directors seeks nominations from institutional members for the Doctoral Students to ALISE Grant each year, which supports the attendance of one or more promising LIS doctoral students at the ALISE Annual Conference. Through undertaking conference assignments and participating fully in conference programs, the winner will gain an understanding of how ALISE serves its members. One or two grants will be given at the discretion of ALISE and winners will be announced in November and the award will be presented at the Awards Reception during the Annual Conference. This award is sponsored by the ALISE Endowment Fund. Applications for this grant/award are reviewed the three current at-large members of the ALISE Board of Directors.

Winners will receive:

  • Receive a stipend of $500 (U.S.) that may defray lodging and meal expenses during the conference
  • Complimentary registration at the conference
  • Complimentary one year membership in ALISE
  • Attend a luncheon hosted by a Board member
  • Receive a certificate at the ALISE awards ceremony

The nominating school of the award recipient is asked to help their student with transportation costs.

Student Commitmenet Guidelines:

The Doctoral Students to ALISE will commit to 10 hours of ALISE activities which may include:

  • Have lunch with the third year Director of the ALISE Board.
  • Assist MLA with conference registration (as their schedules permit).
  • Work with session moderators.
  • Attend one board meeting.
  • Assist with major sessions. Students may assist at the keynote or plenary sessions, the general conference meeting, receptions, etc.
  • Journalist-students will write up an article about their conference experiences for the ALISE newsletter. Also, students could write an article on the conference in general that could be sent to American Libraries, Library Journal and posted on the ALISE website (photos would be nice too).
  • Other duties as negotiated.

Eligibility & Criteria:

  • Doctoral student from an ALISE Institutional member school
  • Plan on attending the ALISE Annual Conference

Submission Process:

The dean/director/program chair of a member school may nominate one doctoral student by completing the nomination form. In addition, the nominee must submit a statement addressing the following:

  • A discussion of how the nominee’s research relates to the theme of the ALISE Annual Conference
  • An explanation of how attending the 2015 ALISE Conference will help facilitate the nominee’s career goals
  • A brief listing, with titles, of any presentation proposals the nominee has made to the ALISE Annual Conference (e.g., juried paper, juried panel, works-in-progress poster, etc.)

Award Submission Instructions
Access the submission form here. After you create a login, click on Award Submission/Nomination at the bottom of the page. In the submission form, please be sure you enter the name(s) of the individual being nominated. List one nominee per line. If there is more than one nominee, use the Org. Index box on the right side to indicate institutional names. The number in the Org. Index box must correspond to the number below it. Prior to uploading documents, be sure to refer to your award’s requirements.

Deadline: September 22, 2017


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