uLektz Wall of Fame is proud to announce, Outstanding Librarians Across India for the Year 2019

By honoring the contributions of librarians, uLektz aims to motivate and promote the library as a space for nurturing young students’ imagination, critical thinking abilities, the development of a collaborative spirit, and the encouragement of innovation.

Additionally, uLektz wants to celebrate the idea of libraries as enriching, learning communities as they have the potential to not only support the curriculum but also be classified as collaborative learning zones that center on critical-reading activities.

This May month, uLektz Wall of Fame is proud to announce, “Top 50 Outstanding Librarians Across India for the Year 2019″ who are at the forefront of this understanding and hold them up as national models for others to follow.

To recognise those who have played a crucial role in bringing on an undeniable change in the lives of numerous future citizens, uLektz News has shortlisted “Top 50 Outstanding Librarians Across India for the Year 2019” on its News Portal www.ulektznews.com.

The initiative received thousand plus valid nominations across India, of which few were shortlisted and finally, “Top 50 Outstanding Librarians Across India for the Year 2019” were chosen. The finalists were selected based on the recommendations from the internal team and an eminent independent jury panel who have played a key role in reviewing the candidates’ nominations and selecting the finalists.


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