Three Day Online Workshop on “Online Course Design, Develop and Delivery” on 06-08 May 2020 at HDRC, UoH, Hyderabad : Last Date 04/05/20

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    1. Madam after transferring money. You have to submit Madam. Kindly ask concern person. I am sharing what I get from their website.

  1. Respected Sir,

    I have received this message on whats app group. I have a doubt,

    HRDC of University of Hyderabad does not have any update regarding this course.

    You may check this link :

    How HRDC Hyderabad is conducting online course without updating website ? This is doubtful.

    Are you an employee of HRDC Hyderbaad ?

      1. sir i payed amount but not registered until now.Kindly send registration link.

      2. Madam, I have replied several times that I am not organiser. Kindly contact and mail concern authority of UoH. Thanking you.

  2. They are not accepting response. I already submitted my registration fee but when I want to go for registration I didn’t find the form rather a notice that they are not accepting any response. If it is any error please let us know.

    1. Sir, kindly contact concern authority. I am sharing information what I get from their website.

    2. Sir,
      I have paid Rs. 1000 for 3 day online workshop on ‘Online course design, development and delivery’ but I did not get the Registration Link and I have also sent a mail by enclosing the NEFT payment details but did not get any reply. I have paid the amount on 30th itself for 6-8 workshop. Contact number is also not available to inform our difficulty. Kindly make arrangement to refund the amount paid by me.

      1. Madam, I am not organiser. I replied several times in this matter. Kindly, try to understand what I am telling you as a website developer. My part is only sharing the information. Thanking you.

  3. Respected all,

    Actually i made payment also even though we are unable to register for this workshop please kindly help me what to do i sent a email to given correspondent id also but no response the same.

  4. sir,i paid reg.fee,reg.form not responding,i mailed to director,no reply,i made a call (4 times)to 2 numbers,no reply,kindly update.

    1. I am not organiser only sharing the information. You can mail with VC or Pro VC, Register. Because they have to respond and central university also. They will not play with participants.

  5. Sir, I paid registration fee on 28.4.2020. When I opened the registration form on the same day, it was shown that they are not accepting any responses. I sent an email to hrdc director on the same day, he has not replied to my mail till to day. Kindly provide some information if possible.

    1. Sir, I understand your problem. But I telling one thing Sir, I am not organiser and only sharing what I have received. Sir my request is that you mail concern authority with cc VC or Pro VC and Register. If they don’t take seriously. See the contact no. of Organiser and Director. I have already shared the link also. Thanking you Sir.


    1. Madam, I am not organiser but some issues are there. One of participants transfer the payment not responded Email or trying to phone call also. Organiser did not pick up phone call also..

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