National Seminar on Management Issues in Libraries of 21st Century: Challenges and Opportunities at Sikkim University, Gangtok : Last Date 17/02/20

During the last two decades or so, libraries have been organizing various seminars and conferences mainly on emerging technologies applicable in modern libraries of present century, with little attention to managerial aspects of manpower development and other issues to adopt such new technologies and innovations. The libraries need good leadership, new initiatives, competent skillful staff with positive attitude to give best output. IT is an enabling tool which needs suitable and motivated manpower. North Eastern states including state of Sikkim need special attention to improve the services and develop suitable management skill and competence to organize resources for effective retrieval and use. The development of suitable manpower to cope with the new professional challenges seems to be the prerequisite to apply advanced technology. New management techniques and practices are to be adopted replacing or improving the age old practices that are still in use. The proposed platform would enable the professionals to introduce some innovate practices to procure, organize, display and use of resources by developing required competence and skill to cope with the present new challenges of electronic age.

The scenario of acquisition, processing, display management and usage of resources has tremendously changed over the years which obviously call for adoption of new practices. The old practices which were in use for century has also strong foundation but need improvement and some changes. User information searching behavior in the present electronic environment is quite complex and varied than it used to be during 20th century. Libraries have to meet their different approaches to access resources. Development of suitable manpower is the basic requirement. Professionals need to know the new management techniques to develop and organize varied types of information products, services and good practices for improved performances and efficiency so that the resources available are scientifically and logically procured and systematically managed for easy and friendly access.

This platform will provide good opportunity for library professionals to update themselves and interacting with the eminent library professionals of the country likely to participate in this seminar as resource persons.


  1. To explore the management challenges of libraries in 21st century
  2. To familiarize the participants with the new management principles, techniques and practices applicable for adoption in modern libraries.
  3. To explore the best possible principles, methods and tools of creation, acquisition, processing, use and management of library resources with special emphasis on e-resources.
  4. To identify the manpower requirement of modern libraries.


The contributors may write on any of the following topics with the liberty of choosing any other related managerial issue confronting the profession in 21st century.

Acquisition and Technical Processing

  1. Collection creation and management of varied types of resources and materials
  2. Acquisition principles and policies
  3. Selection and evaluation (Work Flow)
  4. Vendor issues: selection, discount, etc.
  5. Technical processing
  6. Finance & budgeting
  7. Model & practices

Manpower Development

  1. Job description and analysis
  2. Job performance and measurement
  3. Leadership
  4. Change management

Digital Resource Management

  1. Content analysis, creation and management
  2. Selection, evaluation, display and access
  3. Pricing models and licensing
  4. Copyrights with special reference to institutional repositories.
  5. Description and evaluation of Electronic Resource Management

LIS Education

  • Brainstorming session


Authors of the papers may select any of the topics mentioned above or may write even on any of the administrative issues needing attention and solutions
Paper size: A4
Font: 12 points in MS Word, Times New Roman Script, double spaced. Margin, 1.5. References should be given in APA style.
Submission through E-mail to: and with abstract within 300 words, reaching latest by 17-02-2020

The participants will be mostly from all types of the libraries of North Eastern states holding senior positions with administrative responsibilities.
However, some participants will be registered outside NE region based upon First Come First Serve.

Rs. 2500/- outside Sikkim
Rs. 2000/- for participants from state of Sikkim

Double occupancy: Rs. 1000/- per day
Single occupancy: Rs. 2000/- per day


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