International Conference Of University Librarians Association – ICULA 2019 on 09 August 2019, Mount Lavinia Hotel, Colombo : Last Date 15/04/19

Main Theme of the Conference 2019
“Reinvigorating Libraries : Smart Responsiveness for Sustainability”

With the mass generation of data, information storage and maintenance concerns have amplified the skill set defined by the term librarianship. Hence, a revitalization of knowledge is required to satisfactorily fulfill this role.
Currently, libraries are defined by the value of the information they hold as opposed to the amount of information as assessed in the past. In the sense of the value of information, the quality, timeliness, accuracy, validity, stability, and accessibility are only a few features to name some. Hence, libraries are faced with the challenge to present information that has quality over quantity. Users approach libraries with specific requirements rather than a general purpose. In the case of the unavailability of their required materials, users tend to leave the premise instead of garnering contents from alternative resources in that library. So, in order to retain readers and render useful services, it is the prime duty of the professional librarians to accumulate a vivid knowledge on their reader base, the target’s requisites and upgrade the quality of not only the information content but also the library premise that serves as a platform of information for self-directed learning.
With the above understanding of the need for enhancement in the field of librarianship, the University Librarians’ Association of Sri Lanka will be proudly organizing a two-day International Conference on “Reinvigorating Libraries: Smart Responsiveness for Sustainability”.

Objectives of the Conference
The main focal attention will be directed toward the library and information science professionals and educationalists within the library and information science arena. Key areas of interest will be, but not limited to, transforming libraries for future sustainability, optimizing the role of the professional librarian to better contribute towards user-oriented library services and research on information quality acquisition and improvement for library resources. Ideas, innovations, implementations, and proof of concepts will be encouraged by authors in the form of papers. Selected papers’ authors will be invited for the Oral / Virtual presentation of their paper.

Expected Outcomes of the Conference
A major outcome from this International Conference will be an evaluation of the current state of the Libraries with the evolving trend of Information Technology.
Gathering a pool of academic professionals to share and discuss concepts, breakthroughs, and elucidation that will positively reinforce the functionality of libraries.
Provide a platform for researchers to present and findings related to the conference theme and engage in conversations will fellow academicians on the related area of work.
Create a flexible space for service marketing of sponsoring institution.
We invite paper submissions of
Future-oriented thought-pieces arising out of current research
Research papers presenting theoretical solutions, with a clear illustration of how these solutions can be applied
Positions & opinions on some aspect of practice
Work-in-progress initiatives or pilot descriptions, sufficiently mature to warrant attention
Experiences and case studies specifying requirements, challenges or opportunities
Best practices

Deadline for Submission of Extended Abstracts: 15 April 2019
Author Notification of Acceptance: 10 May 2019
Deadline for Full Paper Submission: 10 June 2019
Deadline for submitting Camera Ready Version: 01 July 2019
Registration Starts: 10 June 2019
Deadline for the Registration of Presenting Author: 01 July 2019
End of the Early Bird Registration: 15 July 2019
Conference Dates: 09 August 2019
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