Free Online Course on Knowledge Society at Swayam Website : Last Date 24/02/19

Created by: KS Raghavan, INFLIBNET Centre Gandhinagar
Start Date: 25/01/2019
End Date: 10/05/2019
Enrollment End Date: 24/02/2019

The objective of the course is to provide the students with an understanding of the characteristics of knowledge societies, the major factors affecting transition to a knowledge society and the issues in and implications of knowledge society with focus on libraries and information centres. On completing the course you should also be in a position to have an idea of the changing dimensions of information disciplines as a consequence of developments in the information / knowledge environment.

There are no specific pre-requisites for registering for this course. However, it is expected that the learner has a clear understanding of the functions of libraries and information centres, and of library and information science as a discipline.

Target Learners
The course is designed for students of library and information science at the Master’s level as well as LIS professionals working in libraries and information centres.

Learning Outcome
After successful completion of the course, you will gain in-depth knowledge about digital libraries. You will develop skills to evaluate commercially available, subscription-based digital libraries and digital collections and issues involved in subscribing to them. In addition, you would have also gained skills to set-up your own institutional digital library from planning to offer digital library services with all intermediate steps involved in the process.

Timeline – Duration
The course consists of 16 modules and is deliverable over 15 weeks as per the course layout given below.

Week 1: Data, Information and Knowledge
Data, Information and Knowledge

Week 2: Communication
Theories and Models of Communication

Week 3: Knowledge Society
What is a Knowledge Society?

Week 4: Digital Divide
The Digital Divide

Week 5: Copyright
IPR and Libraries – Copyright

Week 6: Intellectual Property Rights: Patents
Information Related Legislation- RTI

Week 7: Right to Information and Censorship
Censorship and Right to Information

Week 8: Information Security
Information Security issues in the Networked environment

Week 9: National Information Infrastructure (India)
National Information Infrastructure

Week 10: E-Commerce and E-Governance
E-commerce and E-Governance

Week 11: Social Media and Content Management Systems in Libraries
Social Media in a Knowledge Society
Social Media for Library Services

Week 12: Economics of Information
Economics of Information

Week 13: Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management

Week 14: The Information Disciplines
The Information Disciplines

Week 15: Information Society Vs. Knowledge Society

Course Language: English
Course Type: Scheduled
Video transcripts: English
Course Category: Library and Information Science
Learning Path: Post graduate
Course Length: 100 Hours
Weekly time commitments: 7 Hours
Course Completion: Yes, after accessing…. View Certificate
Exam Date: To be announced
Credits: 3

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