Free Online Course on Bibliometrics and Scientometrics at Swayam Website : Last Date 24/02/19

Created by: Ravichandra I K Rao, INFLIBNET Centre Gandhinagar
Start Date: 25/01/2019
End Date: 05/04/2019
Enrollment End Date: 24/02/2019


The objective of the course is to impart in-depth knowledge on Scientometrics; it includes scope and definition, computational aspects of certain parameters and indicators. Another objective of the course is to instil skills in learners that would enable them to collect and analyse Scientometrics data; finally, this course will help you to read and understand the scientific literature in the field of Scientometrics.

Course Coverage
The course elaborates on methodology and techniques involved in the analysis of Scientometric data. The course is designed for the students of library and information science as well as for professionals working in library and information centres. However, anyone who wishes to learn about Scientometrics is welcome to join the course.

The learner should have basic knowledge of computers, acquaintance with traditional libraries using manual processes as well as computerized library operations and services offered by both types of libraries.

Target Learners
The course is designed for the students of library and information science as well as for professionals working in library and information centres. Other learners interested in digital libraries may also take up the course.

Learning Outcome
After successful completion of the course, you will gain in-depth knowledge about Scientometrics. You will develop skills to collect, analyse and evaluate Scientometric data. You will be able to read and understand Scientometric literature; further, you will able to carry out research in Scientometrics.

Timeline- Duration
The course consists of 10 parts and is deliverable in a time span of 10 weeks as per the course layout is given below.

Course Layout
Week 1: Introduction to Scientometrics
Librametry, Bibliometrics, Scientometrics, Informetrics and Webometrics: Historical Development
Data Sources and Software Tools for Bibliometric Studies

Week 2: Classical Laws of Bibliometrics
Classical Law of Bibliometrics
Bradford Distributions: an Overview

Week 3: Use Studies
Library Use Studies
Analysis of Circulation data, including the quantitative methods to evaluate a collection

Week 4: Obsolescence of Literature
Obsolescence factor: Definition and Calculation

Week 5: Growth of Literature
Growth of Literature

Week 6: Scientometric Indicators
Science Indicators

Week 7: Citation Analysis and Collaboration in Science
Citation analysis
Collaboration in Science

Week 8: National Mapping and role of Scientometrics in Science Policy
National Mapping of Science
Scientometrics as a Policy and Strategic Tool

Week 9: Research Methodology
Basics of Research Methodology

Week 10: Testing of Hypothesis
Basics of Testing of Hypotheses

Course Language: English
Course Type: Scheduled
Video transcripts: English
Course Category: Library and Information Science
Learning Path: Post graduate
Course Length: 80 Hours
Weekly time commitments: 7 Hours
Course Completion; Yes, after accessing…. View Certificate
Exam Date: To be announced
Credits: 3




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