Refresher Course In Library And Information Science at SWAYAM : Enrollment End Date 15/12/18


ICT developments have opened up opportunities for libraries and information Centres  to develop innovative services. But implementing these services is a major challenge as this requires LIS professionals to have new competencies and strategic repositioning. This requires continuous training of the professionals in emerging areas and for this faculty themselves need to update with the latest development in the profession and pedagogy for transacting curriculum in the present digital era.

The Refresher Course is designed for the Faculty of Library and Information Science as well as Professionals working in Libraries and Information Centres.

The following topics will be covered in the Course:

1)    Library and Information Science Profession: Issues and Trends
2)    Library and Information Science Education (Part 1)
3)    Library and Information Science Education (Part 2)
4)    Library and Information Science Research
5)    Research Tools for Library and Information Science
6)    Scholarly Communication
7)    Ethical Considerations in Research
8)    Open Access
9)    Open Licensing
10) Promotion of Integrity and Prevention of Plagiarism
11)   Resource Discovery: Open Access to Resources and Data
12)   Indian Research Information Network Services (IRINS)
13)   From ILS to LSP : Features of Library Service Platform
14)   Form Search to Discovery: Features of Open Source Library Discovery   Systems
15)   Designing Library Discovery System: The Open Way
16)   Application of ILS-DI Standards in Library Discovery
17)   Authority Data based Recommender System in Library Discovery
18)   Reference Management and Lookup: Application of Zotero
19)   Semantic Web and Library Science
20)   RDF and formats to serialise data
21) Islandora (Open Source Digital Repository System)
22) Persistent Identifiers – DOI, CNRI, ARCID etc.
23) Metadata for Semantic Web
24) Ontologies
25) Protégé
26) Big Data and Library Science
27) Open Data
28) Research Data Management
29) Open Government Data and Smart Cities
30) Data Curation
Start Date:  15/11/2018 End Date: 28/02/2019 Enrollment End Date: 15/12/2018


Uma Kanjilal

Prof. Uma Kanjilal is Professor and Head Faculty of Library and Information Science and presently Director of Inter University Consortium of Technology Enabled Flexible Education (IUC- TEFED) in the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).  She has more than 29 years of experience in the Open and Distance Learning System.  She also served as University Librarian; Director, School of Social Sciences and Director, Advanced Centre for Informatics and Innovative Learning (ACIIL) in the University.
She is one of the National Coordinators of SWAYAM (India MOOCs) and SWAYAM PRABHA (Educational DTH Channels) of the Ministry of Human Resource Development.  She is a PI of the National Virtual Library Project of Ministry of Culture.  Her specializations include e-learning, multimedia courseware development, ICT applications in Libraries and Digital Libraries.
She was a Fulbright Scholar in University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign in 1999-2000 where she worked on Multimedia courseware development.
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