Free Online Course Sr. Secondary Library and Information Science at SWAYAM : Last Date 01/08/18

Sr. Secondary Library and Information Science
This course will not only help you use a Library in a more efficient way for your day to day studies ,but this will also help you by introducing another option for your further studies ,and hence taking up library and information science as a profession. This material is designed in such a way that it can help anybody in using library resources in a better manner for their personal growth or research.

The course structure is developed keeping in view needs of the society and learners.

This course is developed in Modular form which includes- four Core Modules and two optional Modules. The four core modules aim to impart comprehensive knowledge on different areas of Library and Information Science. It is compulsory for learners to study all the four Core Modules, you will have the choice to select one out of the two optional modules. Further, the course also includes practicals. We would like you to use the modules in the same sequence as the modules are arranged in, because there are references and cross references in each subsequent lesson.

Name:- Manju chrungu
Designation:- Assistant Librarian
Qualification:- BSc and MLIbsc.
I have  working experience of more than 25 years. My subject interest is science and Library Science. Library science helps you to go through oceans of material. Which helps you to gain knowledge and apply same in different fields.

Start Date: 01/08/2018 End Date: 31/01/2019

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