NPTEL Online Certification Course on “Research Writing” : Last Date for Enrollment 05/02/2018

NPTEL Online Certification Course -Research Writing (Course Duration : Feb-Mar 2018)
Course abstract
Research is of no use till it is shared with people who can use it. Writing about one’s research and publishing it validates the research. An added advantage of publication is feedback from peers and experts, which in turn helps with the evolution and perfection of new areas of study.

Course Instructor

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Prof. Aradhna Malik

Aradhna Malik earned her Masters in Child Development from Panjab University, Chandigarh, India and PhD from University of Denver, USA. She has been serving Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur as faculty in the School of Management since 2008. Aradhna taught the research writing component of the course titled \u2018English for Technical Writing\u2019 to PhD students from all departments across IIT Kharagpur for over three years. Aradhna currently teaches intercultural communication, business ethics and organizational behavior to Undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral level students. Her research and academic interests include, ageing, orality, human technology.

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