Calls for Papers for the Programme for the IFLA WLIC 2018 between November 2017 and January 2018

Calls for Papers for the Open Sessions

The IFLA Professional Units will issue Calls for Papers for the programme for the IFLA WLIC 2018 between November 2017 and January 2018. They will be collected on this page.

If you don’t want to miss any of them, join the IFLA-L mailinglist; the Calls for Papers will be shared on there as well.

new: Access to Information Network – Africa (ATINA) Special Interest Group

Theme: “Mechanisms and Metrics for Mainstreaming Knowledge, Libraries and Information Services in Democratic Governance and Development Programmes”Deadline for proposals: 29 January 2018

Agricultural Libraries Special Interest Group

Theme: “Emerging Trends in Internet -based Information Services for Urban and Rural Agricultural Development: an international perspective”Deadline for proposals: 15 February 2018

Art Libraries Section

Theme: “Art libraries versus their users: who is transforming who?”Deadline for proposals: 1 February 2018

Asia and Oceania Section

Theme: “Libraries Transformed to Transform Their Communities (Society)”Deadline for proposals: 28 February 2018

Audiovisual and Multimedia Section joint with the Information Technology Section

Theme: “Video Games: Winning strategies for libraries”Deadline for proposals: 31 January 2018

new: Bibliography Section

Theme: “National Bibliographies: Forging a Path to Access to Information”Deadline for proposals: 20 February 2018

new: Cataloguing Section

Theme: “Rethinking data models and formats for better-informed citizens”Deadline for proposals: 28 February 2018

new: Committee on Standards

Theme: “Impact of recently approved IFLA standards”Deadline for proposals: 27 February 2018

Document Delivery and Resource Sharing Section

Theme: “Transform Resource Sharing-exceed expectations”Deadline for proposals: 1 March 2018

Education and Training Section

Theme: “Teaching methodologies and curriculum development in LIS Schools: best practices around the globe”Deadline for proposals: 20 January 2018

new: Environment, Sustainability and Libraries Special Interest Group joint with Libraries for Children and Young Adults Section

Theme: “Catalysts for environmental and social sustainability: Libraries supporting young adults’ quest for a better future”Deadline for proposals: 15 February 2018

Genealogy and Local History Section joint with Asia and Oceania Section and Rare Books and Special Collections Section

Theme: “Genealogy and Local History Collection Development – Challenges and Opportunities”Deadline for proposals: 28 February 2018

Government Libraries Section joint with Library and Research Services for Parliaments Section

Theme: “UN Sustainable Development Goals transforming societies through informed policy”Deadline for proposals: 26 February 2018

Health and Biosciences Libraries Section

Theme: “Health Information: Targeting, Connecting and Transforming Lives “Deadline for proposals: 16 February 2018

Indigenous Matters Section

Theme: “Diverse indigenous voices, decolonizing, transforming, centering practices”Deadline for proposals: 20 February 2018

Knowledge Management Section Joint with Academic and Research Libraries Section and Rare Books and Special Collections Section

Theme: “Digital scholarship and knowledge management: building confidence in the digital world”Deadline for proposals: 2 February 2018

new: Library and Research Services for Parliaments Section

Theme: “Transforming Library & Research Services for Parliamentary Impact”Deadline for proposals: 16 March 2018

Library Buildings and Equipment Section

Theme: “Designing inclusive libraries”Deadline for proposals: 15 February 2018

Library History Special Interest Group

Theme: “Transform Libraries. Transform Societies: Library outreach to marginalized populations: historical perspectives”Deadline for proposals: 31 January 2018

new: Library Theory and Research Section joint with Information Literacy Section

Theme: “Information Literacy: From Practice to Research and Back Again”Deadline for proposals: 5 March 2018

Metropolitan Libraries Section

Theme: “Sanctuaries in the city: the public library as a safe space”Deadline for proposals: 18 March 2018

New Professionals Special Interest Group joint with Management of Library Associations Section and Public Libraries Section

Theme: “Librarian Fashion: What does the way we dress say about us?”Deadline for proposals: 18 February 2018

Preservation and Conservation Section joint with the Information Technology Section

Theme: “Planning digital preservation: in for the long run”Deadline for proposals: 2 February 2018

Reference and Information Services Section

Theme: “Reference and Information Services Shifting Gears”Deadline for proposals: 15 February 2018

Religions: Libraries and Dialogue Special Interest Group

Theme: “Interreligious dialogue, information and documentation in a context of transformation”Deadline for proposals: 15 February 2018

Subject Analysis and Access Section

Theme: “Transforming Libraries via Automatic Indexing: The Impact on Metadata Creation, Discovery, and Staffing Decisions”

Deadline for proposals: 20 February 2018


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