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Information Sources System And Services

Created by

Renu Arora
INFLIBNET Centre Gandhinagar

Mrs. Renu Arora has been working for over 38 years in the field of Library and Information Science. Her last appointment was as Head, Education & Training Division, CSIR-NISCAIR, New  Delhi; Editor, Annals of Library and Information Studies, a quarterly journal of NISCAIR; and Coordinator, IGNOU Study Centre, NISCAIR, New Delhi. She has over 35 years of teaching experience in Library & Information Science; over 21 years of working experience in the area of technical editing, proof reading  and technical communication;  conducted several training programmes in the field of Library science including technical communication, editing, etc.; and has prepared several  Technical reports, Newsletters, Brochures, Course material (Library Science), manuals, etc. She has to her credit 12 papers, over 100  Course materials (Library Science) and has also guided over 60 students  for preparation of their PG research dissertation

Start Date: 21/08/2017 End Date: 28/12/2017

Course Language: English
Course Type: Scheduled
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Course Category: Library
Learning Path: Post graduate
Course Length: 100 Hours
Weekly time commitments: 7 Hours
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Exam Date: To be announced
Credits: 5 , View Certificate


The objectives of the course are:

To impart in-depth knowledge to the learners on the concept and need for information and to identify information sources best suited for specific information needs;

to acquaint the learners with various reference, information and computerised services as these keep the information seekers up-to-date in their field of interest or specialization by providing timely information; and

to identify national and international level organisations and systems including library/information organisations and to explain the programmes and activities being undertaken by such organizations in promotion, coordination and development of library and information activities.


The learner should have basic knowledge of Information, characteristics of information sources, library services, information institutions and role of library and information professionals in dissemination of information.

Target Learners

The course is designed for the students of library and information science as well as for professionals working in library and information centres. Other learners interested in learning about information sources, systems/organisations and services may also take up the course.

Timeline- Duration

The course consists of 15 parts and is deliverable in a time span of 15 weeks as per the course layout given below.

Week 1: Information Sources, Systems and Services: Concept and Need for Information

Information Sources: Concept, and Need for Information

Week 2: Types of Information Sources: Documentary, Non-Documentary and    Sources for Current Information

Types of Information Sources: Documentary: Primary, Secondary, & Tertiary

Types of Information Sources: Specialists, Consultants & Non-documentary Sources

Sources for Current Information: An Overview

Week 3: Reference Sources: Use and Evaluation Criteria, e-Information Sources

Reference Sources: Use and Evaluation Criteria, e-Information Sources

Week 4: Reference Sources: Dictionaries, Encyclopaedias, Handbooks and Yearbooks: Use and Evaluation

Dictionaries: Use and Evaluation

Encyclopaedias: Use and Evaluation

Handbooks, Yearbooks, etc: Use and Evaluation

Week 5: Reference Sources: Geographical,  Biographical, Bibliographical and other sources: Use and Evaluation

Geographical Sources: Use and Evaluation

Biographical Sources: Use and Evaluation (Including Linkedin, Facebook)

Bibliographical Sources: Use and Evaluation

Standards, Patents, Trade Catalogues, etc as source of information

Week 6: Indexing & Abstracting Sources: Use and Evaluation

Indexing & Abstracting Sources: Use and Evaluation

Week 7: Information Products: Types of information Products

Reviews sources, State-of-the-Art Reports, Trend, etc

Information Products

Week 8: Information Users and User Studies

Information Users and their information needs: Category of information users & their needs

User Studies, Users’ Education

Week 9: Reference and Information Services

Reference Service: Concept, Need, Types, Theories, Trends

Information Services: Concept, Need etc

Week 10: Reference Interview, Literature Search & Search Techniques

Reference Interview & Search Techniques

Literature search

Week 11: Role of various professionals in providing information services

Reference Librarian: Role, Skills, & Competencies. Other

Role of various specialists in Design and Development of Information Products

Information Intermediaries

Week 12: Information services

Alerting Services: Concept, Need, & Techniques Current Awareness Service (CAS)

Referral, Document Delivery & Translation Services

Week 13: Organisation of National and International Information Systems and Programmes

Organisation of International Information Systems Programs

Organisation of National Information Systems and Programmes

National Information Systems: Services & Products: NISCAIR

Environmental Information Systems: Services & Products: ENVIS

Week 14: International Information Systems: Services & Products: INIS, AGRIS and MEDLARS / MEDLINE

International Information Systems: Services & Products: INIS

International Information Systems: Services & Products: AGRIS

International Information Systems: Services & Products: MEDLARS / MEDLINE

Week 15: National Information Systems and Programmes in Social Sciences and Humanities

National Information Systems and Programmes in Social Science

National Information Systems and Programmes in Humanities


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