Earn While You Learn for Library Science Students in University Of Calcutta

University of Calcutta
Faculty of Education Journalism and Library Science
University with Potential for Excellence II

Guideline for Earn While You Learn
• All students who are directly admitted in any of the Academic Departments/School/Centres of the University in one of its several Academic campuses under the Faculty of Education, Journalism and Library Science who are not receiving any type of scholarships/fellowships are eligible for getting the benefit of the scheme (henceforth termed as “Candidates”).
• All Academic Departments/Research Centres/School, Central and Departmental/Campus Libraries and Administrative Offices (henceforth termed as „hosts‟) are eligible to get the benefits of the services of the students under this scheme.
• The Head/Director/Coordinator of Academic Departments/Centres/School having eligible students for this scheme should prepare a pool of such Candidates and get it approved through the concerned DC or equivalent body/board/committee and subsequently send the list of Candidates to the concerned Secretary/Asst. Secretary of the faculty Council.
• The “Hosts” would send a requisition to the Secretary (by filling the SERVICE REQUISITION Form).
• Each interested Candidate must fill up a CANDIDATE REGISTRATION Form and submit it directly to the concerned Head of the Department‟s Office. All Candidates must submit a declaration form duly signed by their Supervisor (in case of Research Scholars)/Program Coordinator along with this to the effect that he/she has no objection and such activity will not affect academic/research activities of the Candidate.
• The Office would issue an offer contract to the suitable Candidates and assign them to one of the Hosts. The Head/Coordinator/Director of the Host will be responsible to ensure that proper delegation of work, training, working space and basic facilities are provided to the Candidates and maintain a mandatory attendance record and send a copy of that record duly signed by the Head as well as the Candidate along with the remuneration bill for the Candidate.
• The rate of remuneration for the Candidates will be a consolidated Rs. 300.00 per day for a maximum 20 hours per week, 20 days per month.. Only actual days of working will be considered for remuneration. However, the payment would be made subject to submission of bills on a monthly cycle. The Candidates must have personal bank account to which payment will be transferred by ECS. The tenure will be decided by the DPO in consultation with the Host.
• All beneficiaries, Candidates and Hosts must abide by the rules/regulations communicated to them or published in the University Website regarding the Earn While You Learn scheme of this University. The rules/regulations are subject to change if the Authorities so desire.
• Ph.D. students already enrolled and not getting any financial assistance is also eligible to apply.
• Dean, University Librarian & Secretary of the faculty, will prepare final lists of the candidates and will send to the DPO. DPO will issue offer letter.

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