Information Sources and Library Services in SWAYAM Free Online Course

Information Sources and Library Services

Course Language: English
Course Type: Scheduled
Video transcripts: English
Course Category: Library
Learning Path: Certificate
Course Length: 100 Hours
Weekly time commitments: 10 Hours
Course CompletionYes, after passing a…View Certificate
Exam Date: To be announced
Credits: 0
Start Date: 17/08/2017 End Date: 17/12/2017
About the instructor
Archana Shukla

Dr. Archana Shukla, Reader Faculty of Library and Information Science, School of Social Sciences, IGNOU, new Delhi.




    1. (If you don’t create earlier) First Enter Log in Swayam online website and click button on new user click Sign up now then fill up the form. You will get verification code in your mail and you click on Information Sources and Library Services course then you will get enroll option of Information Sources and Library Services course.

    1. Thank you for interesting to join swayam online course. For joining this course, first you have to sign up in swayam website then click on course and enroll it. After successfully enrolled you will get course material and video also.

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