Library Job in Sikkim University

  1. Librarian (1 UR) (Pay Band Rs.  37400-67000  with  AGP  of  Rs.10000)


  1. A  Master’s  degree  in  Library  Science/Information Science/Documentation  with  at  least 55%  marks  or  its  equivalent  grade  of  B  in  the  UGC  seven  points  scale  and  consistently good  academic  record  set  out  in  these  Regulations.
  2. At  least  thirteen  years  as  a  Deputy  Librarian  in  a  university  library  or  eighteen  years’ experience  as  a  College  Librarian.
  3. Evidence  of  innovative  library  science  and  organization  of  published  work.

Desirable:  A  M.Phil/Ph.D  Degree  in  library  science/  information  science/ documentation/archives  and  manuscript  keeping.

A  minimum  score  as  stipulated  in  the  Academic  Performance  Indicator  (API)  based Performance  Based  Appraisal  System  (PBAS)  as  prescribed  by  UGC  from  time  to  time. The  API  score  shall  be  calculated  as  per  revised  regulations  of  UGC  2016  (4th Amendment)  or  as  per  UGC regulations  amended  from  time  to  time.

2. Deputy Librarian 1 UR-1 


  1. A Master’s  degree  in  library  science/information  science/documentation  with  at  least  55% of  the  marks  or  its  equivalent  grade  of  B  in  the  UGC  seven  point  scale  and  a  consistently good  academic  record. Five  years  experience  as  an  Assistant  University  Librarian/College  Librarian.
  2. Evidence  of  innovative  library  service  and  organization  of  published  work  and professional  commitment,  computerization  of  library.
  3. Desirable:  A  M.Phil/Ph.D  Degree  in  library  science/  information  science/ Documentation/Archives  and  manuscript  keeping/computerization  of  library. A  minimum  score  as  stipulated  in  the  Academic  Performance  Indicator  (API)  based Performance  Based  Appraisal  System  (PBAS)  as  prescribed  by  UGC  from  time  to  time. The  API  score  shall  be  calculated  as  per  revised  regulations  of  UGC  2016  (4th Amendment)  or  as  per  UGC regulations  amended  from  time  to  time.

3. Assistant Librarian 1


  1. A Master’s  degree  in  Library  Science/  Information  Science/  Documentation  Science  or  an equivalent  professional  degree  with  at  least  55%  marks  (or  an  equivalent  grade  in  a  point scale  wherever  grading  system  is  followed)  and  a  consistently  good  academic  record  with knowledge  of  computerization  of  library.
  2. Qualifying  in  the  national  level  test  conducted  for  the  purpose  by  the  UGC  or  any  other agency  approved  by  the  UGC. However,  candidates,  who  are,  or  have  been  awarded  Ph.D  degree  in  accordance  with  the “University  Grants  Commission  (Minimum  Standards  and  Procedure  for  Award  of  Ph.D Degree),  Regulations  2009,  shall  be  exempted  from  the  requirement  of  the  minimum eligibility  condition  of  NET/SLET/SET  for  recruitment  and  appointment  of  University Assistant  Director  of  Physical  Education/  College  Director  of  Physical  Education  &  Sports. A  minimum  score  as  stipulated  in  the  Academic  Performance  Indicator  (API)  based Performance  Based  Appraisal  System  (PBAS)  as  prescribed  by  UGC  from  time  to  time.  The API  score  shall  be  calculated  as  per  revised  regulations  of  UGC  2016  (4th  Amendment)  or as  per  UGC  regulations  amended  from time  to  time.


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